Mike Mareen Agent Of Liberty Maxi-Version - скачать удобно музыку mike mareen

Исполнитель: Mike Mareen

Название mp3: Agent Of Liberty (Maxi-Version)

Длительность: 08:54

Добавлено: 2016-06-07

Прослушали: 517

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Текст песни:

Life's a world of fantasy
I'll tell you how:
See the world of TV and you will know

The man's amazing
he'll set you free

come get this feeling
turn on your TV!
Lonely streets at midnight
don't be afraid

Standing at the corner
smoking cigarettes

The quiet observer
waiting for his match

someone to catch
don't cry.

Agent of liberty
agent of liberty

Agent of liberty
oh oh
come on and set me free!
of liberty - Agent - fighting for me!

Spread out sympathy
enioy the fun

Find out reality tor everyone.
Judge of death or live
fighting for justice

Never impassive
that's his way of live!
Agent of liberty
agent of liberty
. . .

Check it out midnight
don't get up tight

Downtown streets and the kind of trouble you meet
Just call your agent of liberty

And 1 - 2 - 3 he'll set you free

That's on your own
dial double zero and the three

And get free
get free
it's easy agent of liberty!

Agent from television fighting for special missions

Dial channel 003
get free
get free
get free!
Oh oh
of liberty - Agent Fighting for me

Agent oF liberty - Agent of liberty!

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