2Pac ft Roy Jones Jr & Sheek Louch Can't Be Touched DjVeli Remix - roy jones can

Исполнитель: 2Pac ft Roy Jones Jr & Sheek Louch

Название mp3: Can't Be Touched (DjVeli Remix)

Длительность: 03:36

Добавлено: 2016-06-09

Прослушали: 452

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Текст песни:

I got my three-five-seven can't control it
Screamin die motherfucker and he's loaded
Everybody run for cover, I cause shit
Thug Life motherfucker, duck quick
Now am I wrong if I am don't worry me
Cause do or die gettin high til the bury me
Dear Lord if ya hear me, tell me why
Little girl like LaTasha, had to die
She never got to see the bullet, just heard the shot
Her little body couldn't take it, it shook and dropped
And when I saw it on the news I see busta girl killin 'Tasha
Now I'm screamin fuck the world

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