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Исполнитель: Ричард Клайдерман

Название mp3: Призрак оперы

Длительность: 04:43

Добавлено: 2015-12-13

Прослушали: 454

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Текст песни:

In sleep he sang to me,
In dreams he came...
that voice which calls to me
and speaks my name...

And do I dream again?
For now I find
the Phantom of the Opera
is there- inside my mind...

Sing once again with me
our strange duet...
My power over you
grows stronger yet...

And though you turn from me,
to glance behind,
the Phantom of the Opera
is there- inside your mind...

Those who have seen your face
draw back in fear...
I am the mask you wear...

It's me they hear...

Your/my spirit
and your/my voice
in one combined:
the Phantom of the Opera
is there- inside your/my mind...

(Off stage) He's there,
the Phantom on the Opera...
Beware the Phantom of the Opera...

(Phantom) In all your fantasies,
you always knew
that man and mystery...

(Christine)...were both in you...

(Both) And in this labyrinth
where night is blind,
the Phantom of the Opera
is there here
inside your/my mind...

Sing, my Angel of Music!

He's there
the Phantom of the Opera...

Клип Красивая мелодия. Ричард Клайдерман. Призрак оперы.

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